Information for Allied Health Professionals

Apart from the care provided by the Doctors, professionals who are assisting and taking care of Nursing, Physiotherapy and  Technical back-up are too very important.

A. Nursing Professionals: They are the most important personnel who looks after the patients. By nature they have patience, skills, vaatsalya (motherly attitude) who work very closely to patients and sometimes elicit information or observe signs which even an expert may miss. This is because they spend more time with patients and their parents. They can benefit from following information:

    a) The information already provided for Health Professionals.

B. Physiotherapist: They are the healthcare professionals dealing with people who have some physical limitation. They are qualified to provide care for patients with CNS, musculoskeletal, postural, respiratory disability. They not only minimize the problem but take steps to minimize progression.

C. Occupational Therapist: Are the professionals who maximize the function of our body viz, feeding, communication, finer movements, co-ordination of different muscles. Basically, they make one fit to do their job. Working on principles of sensory motor integration, they help in co-ordinating bodily functions.

D. Technician: They have technical knowhow in field of medicine and range from lab work, OT, bedside or biomechanical system.




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