A. Common symptoms:

1. Fever. This page will clarify many of the doubts of parents regarding fever in their child and how to manage them. Fever is not a disease but a symptom of many diseases some of which can be serious.

2. Vomitings. Throwing up, again can be a symptom of many disorders. It can also occur during throat irritation when child is coughing too much or crying excessively.

3. Cough and cold. Very common in young children and those with allergic conditions. Need judicious use of antibiotics and medications. Self medications can affect child with side-effects or  can have adverse growth and development.

4. Respiratory distress. Ominous sign of respiratory infections/disorders. Child with bronchial asthma especially older children may suppress their symptoms by limiting their activities.

B. Common Childhood illnesses:

1. Respiratory infections

2. Gastroenteritis

3. Convulsions


C. Important Websites for General Public:

1. Dr Greene web-pages for parents. This site I find quite useful for finding questions regarding pregnancy and parenting. It may provide a starting point for exploring a query or health problem. Details can  then be discussed with your family doctor or your pediatrician.

2. Dr Philip Gilly's link page contain exhaustive list of useful websites. If you have time and ability to judge the usefulness of information, you can visit the relevant links.

3. Dr Vincent site also provide answers to common questions by parents.

D. Evaluating Medical Information on Web pages:

It is a saying that "Informed people make better decision" and this is true for the matter which concerns your health also. Internet is booming with information on health and diseases. The material is available in following forms:

1. Disease and their initial dealing by a layman as regarding where, how and by whom one can get treatment/management. The general public should understand that it take years for a health professional to learn about all aspect of a disorder and after all they are expert in their field and profession. It will not be possible for a person to know everything in just few days or weeks with the help of a particular website.

2. Second source of information is through research which is meant for only health professionals who can only judge, weigh and verify the utility of the information. The general public should be aware that it again takes years for a research information to be available for clinical trials on general public for their use.

3 The third source of information is given by Media newspapers, magazine, TV shows and off course internet. Since such type of information is just to make news may be bloated out of proportion to the reality. For example, newspaper may make a headline- "new treatment found for cancer" where in fact they derive this information from an early research article published in a peer reviewed journal meant for medical community for cancer research.

This brings us to a big question as to how to use information on internet to the best of our health. I strongly suggest to all to please go through following websites before visiting any website (including mine) related to health:

These web pages contains links and interested reader go deeper into the details as per their understanding and appetite for information.


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