a) Medical Students- An excellent resource for all medical students globally.

b) Association of American Medical Colleges- A very good site related to medical education, research and patient care. My favorite.

c) Student Doctor

d) Target PG A website created by an Orthopedic Surgeon from South India.

e) Scitable from Nature Group. Scitable from Nature Publishing Group was created for faculty and students alike in Biology, Genetics, and other related fields. Scitable, which currently focuses exclusively on the field of genetics, is built on a free library of overviews of key science concepts compiled by the trusted editorial staff of Nature Publishing Group. It incorporate evidence-based approach to explain science through the lens of the scientific method, with frequent links to milestone research papers. A very good resource for all students.

f) National Board of Examinations: Site provide all information related to DNB and Fellowships exams.

g) E-learning Resources: Medical students these days are overburdened and are facing cognitive overload. Educators are concerned over the learning style of present generation. It is the responsibility of a Medical Teacher to understand the evolution and facilitate students learning. E-learning is not replacement of face to face learning or clinical material. The idea is based on same pedagogic prinicples as a classroom teaching.

CMC vellore has embarked on e-learning with help of TUFT University.

I have put some of the content in Pediatrics at following sites:

Preconference workshop on Radio-imaging




Last updated 7th January 2012

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